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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Most cops use lasers... so unless you have shifters you are f@cked either way. Once you get a warning the cop already has a reading.
I have to somewhat disagree. While laser is on the rise, I still think that radar far outnumbers laser. However, in your area, the cops may be using laser more. So, while you may be correct for your area, this may not be the case for all areas. Try to find out what the cops use in your neighborhood if you want to concentrate on laser or radar.

Second, my V1 has saved me countless times with laser scatter warnings. However, this is not something to be relied upon. Most times when I get a V1 laser warning it is indeed, too late. Still, it is not a foregone conclusion that when you get a warning you're already toast and I would not want to lose the V1s excellent laser warning performance.

Anyway, get a jammer. While the Blinder 905 is the new kid on the block, I still prefer the Laser Interceptor as tests have shown that it is still superior in performance.


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