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Originally Posted by fongpi View Post
Oh wow ok, thanks for the info fellas! So, with that out of the way, how can I be sure that the wheels I'm buying are real? Since BMW won't sell me the competition package wheels by themselves, I have to go aftermarket.
I wondered about the same thing as well about a month ago when I was shopping for a used set of OEM winter wheels. I called my dealer and asked them how I can tell if wheels are OEM and not replicas. They told me that there is a BMW part number imprinted on the back of each wheel along with the word "BMW" and if I call back with this part number they can verify that it's an actual OEM wheel.

It's not illegal to copy the look and style of an OEM wheel but I'm certain it's illegal to imprint BMW and a fake part number.

Due diligence is important when buying anything used. Ask for the history of where the wheel came from, is the seller the original owner or not? If you don't get a good vibe with the answers to your questions then simply walk away.