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5. Withdrawing, or depositing, $10,000 or more is not a huge deal as people seem to make it out to be. It's very, very, VERY common in the banking industry, and it simply is sent for review. Almost all of the time, the IRS does not give two shits about your large deposit. So calm down.

So yeah... there's the run down of answers to the thread.
Yeah the IRS could generally coule care less about these kinds of transaction, but the DEA and Home Land Security does. Generally speaking, depositing large sums of cash is not a problem for businesses or individual who do it all the time. But an individual who does not, it does raise flags and walking is with some piece of paper that says bill of sale generated by a computer is not enough since anyone can do that and sign it. Most Banks will not accept that as proof.

I will tell you I have offer when buying a new car to pay Cash, no check just plain old cash to get a better deal and recently the dealers are saiding they would not accept cash it causes too many problems. I did not get into it with them buy I can imagine what kind of problems it would cause. Hell they would not even accept a personal check without verifying the funds first with the bank.