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Originally Posted by dogbone View Post

Sorry to hear you're having troubles.

I just wanted to offer my experiences to give you some comfort that ARC-8 wheels can handle stress in general. I bought a staggered set (9.5, 10.5) earlier this year strictly for track use. They were Road Force balanced with 265/285 Hankook R-S3's. I have NOT been gentle with these wheels. I have driven over hundreds of berms at tracks at high speed like Buttonwillow, Auto Club Speedway, LVMS road course, and Willow Springs. I have a couple days on the skid pad too with them---hehe that was tough on the wheels for sure. I've also been off-track a half dozen times into the dirt/rocks---although not at high speeds. At Auto Club, they've been at 150mph on the oval. (I also drive them to and from the track. Tracks are 60-130 miles away from me.) The wheels have over a dozen days on the track. I've gone through a couple sets of tires on the rims. I run over -3 camber on the front wheels. And I also have AP Racing brakes on all four corners. (I switch between street and race pads before and after events.) Through all of this, my wheels are still trouble free. And I see many other guys at the track who have similar success with their ARC-8's. They're very common at the track. At the last event, I believe I counted 4 cars running Arc-8 wheels with no problems that I was aware of.

In the world of wheels, anything is possible. The stresses are so dynamic and unique out there. But Apex has a nice reputation at the track with track guys for being affordable but strong and durable. I spoke to Eddy on the phone a few times when considering his wheels. He's a very helpful technical guy, and he took the time to give me solid advice about certain things for the track.

Anyway, I hope you are able to find a decent resolution to your issues. I just wanted to offer a few comments from someone who is putting the rims through some tough conditions and having good experiences.

Thanks DogBone for the info. This is a bit fustrating as one can imagine. My wheels have not met the stress your doing to yours, not even a fraction of that. I'm baffeled because I agree these wheels are tough as nails and I did my research before I purchased them. But how does one explain what I've posted?

Tires have about 7,000 miles on them now since new. 6,000 estimated on these wheels as I had them transfered when they were almost brand new. Same Tech, same Dealership, same road force balancer and now they can't get the front wheels to zero out to where there would be no vibration reaching 80mph. My last set of Michelin's lasted 29,000 miles almost with stock OEM 18" wheels and never felt a vibraton or out of balance feeling.

Can a tire be slightly defective? Can it wear with such low miles to cause this? I had a 4-point alignment done at the dealer last year and it still drives straight like an arrow.

Anyway, I'll see what Apex can suggest. I'm not sure I want to purchase new front tires just yet to try to trouble shoot this problem.