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Guidelines for Proper Driving Seat Adjustment? (6MT)

Did a search but did not find anything recent on this.

What is best way to adjust the driving seat for normal driving?

I'm no pro, but over the course of 30 years of driving enjoyment in MT cars (there was only that one AT Benz, honest) I've come to believe considerations are:

- set seat to pedal allow for ability to put sufficient leverage on brake pedal to stomp 'hard' if need be.

- set steering wheel distance to seat so that your wrists fall on the top of the wheel when arms fully extended.

- set seat height high as possible so that you can see the apex

- set elevation of seat so that 1st / 2nd to 5th / 6th gear throw occurs with minimal elbow angle change in a natural manner.

You guys that track your cars, what are your tips for proper seating?

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