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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Lots of questions/comments:

Great videos, especially the first.

Was there a mix of classes running at the same time? You and the 993 in the first video seemed to be absolutely driving around everyone else!

At around 1:18 in the first video, you and the 993 go around a white ?Mustang. The 993's transition in doing the pass is so fast it's unbelievable that he catches it before it becomes a tank-slapper! Good stuff.

I see VS Motorsports' E92 in the paddock in the second video, and you have a VS banner on your windshield. Are they your main sponsor?

I love the BMW sticker on the 2x4 you're using to prop the hood in the second video.

Great driving! Club racing is obviously just so far above and beyond doing HPDE events. The closeness of the cars, the necessity of driving off line, the skill of completing a pass or keeping yourself from being's just amazing.

Thanks for posting.
Thank you!

We race in the German Touring Series (GTS). Most of the time we end up catching the cars that start the race with us such as new Vipers, mustangs, and many other cars.

VS Motorsports built the car, it is only fair to run the banner. Before this race we were at Nationals at Mid-Ohio and we finished in 3rd for GTS-3 and that felt like a pro race instead of a club race.

Here is a link from our live broadcast of the race at Mid-Ohio: