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(Not) Great results from 1200 mi service!

Here's a picture of my shiny new 2013 E92 M3 just before going in for it's 1200 mile break in service:

Here's a picture of my garage floor after the car sat overnight following it's 1200 mile break in service:

Here's a picture of the oil cap on my shiny new 2013 E92 M3 after I removed it to investigate why there was oil all over the floor. Pay close attention to the rubber gasket on the right side:

What the hell?

I have now learned that not only is the M3 oil cap horribly designed, but I once again learned that it takes absolutely no brains or skill whatsoever to be a BMW service technician. I know the cap is badly designed but you have to TRY to mangle it up so bad. Needless to say, I wish I read this thread ( before taking the car in for service, otherwise I wouldn't have spent the last hour cleaning oil off the engine and scrubbing my new garage floor, only to have the stains still be there.

Obviously I'll be making a call to the service department tomorrow and ask for some compensation. Any recommendations? I don't want to take the car back there for a cleanup since I've already done that and I don't want to put another 100 miles on my car. What would be fair to ask for?
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