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Originally Posted by markham335i
i am impressed with apples customer service...

i stood in line for about 3hours to get the iphone 5 and another hour while they activated it. turns out i had the first DOA (dead on arrival) iphone 5 in toronto. i was at the rogers store and they could not give me another iphone 5 because they were out of stock so the rep told me to go to apple and see if they could exchange my broke iphone for a new one.. drove to apple and saw about 850 ppl waiting in line lol... walked in spoke to a genius bar guy and he was super helpful, saw that my LCD display was fked up and gave me a new iphone 5 right away, they also helped set up my phone (icloud itunes blahblah for free)

coming from a torch2 im rly happy i got the iphone 5.
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