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Originally Posted by Port Canaveral M3 driver View Post
Trade your M3 for a newer M3 with warranty and ask the wife & kids if they would like to go live with their relatives?
+ 1 I agree with that.

on a more serious note though I think that ford makes a good product most of the time.

The solid rear axle is better for drag racing. The terminator cobra had an IRS and car was sloppy with tons of power, in fact alot of people converted it to a solid rear axle.

but your comparing 2 different style cars and thats the problem.

I just sold my z06. it was faster than the m3 is going to be. while the interior was comfortable it lacked the luxury that the M3 is going to give.

I feel like any car you buy is a give and take relationship. you give something up to gain something else.