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Just for reference and comparison purposes to Dynojet results, the Dyno Database

shows 343 rwhp SAE as the best stock 91 octane Dynojet dyno, with a range of 312 to 343 for about a dozen cars.

The Dyno Database also shows Dynapack results, so these Dynapack dynos can also be compared among Dynapack results. However, Dynapack has different modes in which the results can be reported, so they have to be matched up correctly. Assuming the mode for these results is the same mode as the "SAE" result in the Dyno Database (rather than "SAE-adapt"), these Dynapack results do pretty well, with the tuned result setting a new Dynapack record for naturally aspirated stock block. A stock 91 octane M3, however, did only 318 rwhp on a Dynapack. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of SAE results to compare.