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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
Any guys here have springs, spacers? This is something I am looking into as well as the Megan Racing exhaust. Is there a really huge difference between .5 inches of pipping. The Megan is 2.5 and others I have seen are 3 inch. Any positive comments are appreciated.

your car had springs and spacers. the eibachs work well. only about $250.

no muffler will do anything as far as real gains in power if thats what you are looking for no matter what size the pipes are.

go to christian and see how restrictive the oem primary cats are. thats the real choke point on the exhaust.

best way to get some power on the car is to replace primary cats. 2 ways you can do this.
1. replace primaries with hi-flow units. 700. replace secondaries with straight pipe. (secondaries are actually hi-flow 200 cell)
2. replace primaries with straight pipe. use secondaries. saves 700 but guaranteed CEL.

I went with 1. hoping no CEL, but it happened anyways after 40km's.

In both cases I recommend a tune as well. cost is $850-$1000 for that. I use evolve and it cost $850 with their group buy. could not be happier as it also raised redline, removed speed limiter, and e-throttle pedal now has no lag at all.

If budget is concern, then go with option 2 in spring. for now, just muffler mod will do nicely.

i have heard several aftermarket exhaust systems. some are lower in bass which I like but most just make it louder sounding. for exact same effect just do the exhaust mod. Far cheaper. come by my office one day and you can hear for yourself. you can also test out how mine feels with the hi-flow cats and tune. its meaty to say the least
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