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Originally Posted by krnnerdboy
Boss parts are cheaper, and I have yet to see a boss motor blow on the forums? You can order a boss crate motor from the dealer for 10k and receive a significant amount back with core exchange for that price you can goto the dealer and get your m3's throttle actuators fixed Did I mention the stock block/internals are capable of holding 1k whp with just a blower? And those aren't just dyno queens. To be honest, the perfect m3 would come with a boss 302 motor. Oh yeah the stock valve train is rated for 9k rpm redline and its the exact motor used in the grand am series cars. All BMW can say is there motors are derived from racing, and the boss has an actual race car motor

I'm all for the m3 but I hate the misinformation.
As much as I love the new coyote engine, they arent perfect, theyve been having cylinder 8 failure.
Difference is, its a ford and its gonna cost a fraction of the price opposed to fixing a broken s65.