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"Court" TV show... should I go??

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Hey Gang,

I got this mail a few days ago, asking if I wanna appear on their show. I'm suing Midas for bubbles that they had created on my winter tires while mounting them onto my OEM 157s. One of the bubbles actually popped within a few days.

Of course, at the time, they denied their wrongdoings while insisting that "sidewalls of tires can withstand 1000 lb of force, thus physically impossible to damage" with crowbars they use to yank the tires in and out. I said "give me a long enough crowbar, and I'll crush your car in half with one finger," as Archimedes may have said to his mechanic.

Anyways, I would like to publicly embarrass Midas for the type of shit work that they do, as well as lacking any sort of decency or integrity. Should I go for it or no?
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