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Originally Posted by SEI View Post
i dunno what to say... this thread turned really retarded after a while..

just to defend ess a little bit.

1. i looked at AA,ESS, Evolve, G-power and decided on ESS as i have friends in LA, Singapore, Jakarta and Toronto that have ESS systems and have 0 problems (i cannot comment on track performance as none of those guys i know track)

2. It isnt just ess that overheats at this track. we have a g-power sk II here aswell that lasts about the same as the other ess kits. last time in my stock E46 M3 in Sepang malaysia that thing overheated too. its just asia that gives me these problems.. ive never had a car overheat in my time in toronto and la.. you can see my car list below.. ive tracked all except the civic, cls and sti and only the cars ive had in asia overheat.

3. im 100% sure if u brought an AA kit over here to jakarta it will overheat too.. its the temprature and humidity thats making it overheat.

4. sorry to roman if i created any bad publicity i just wanted to ask other members what they have done. if anything hope this helps you as you have shown that you respond to your customers.

Thanks to everyones suggestions. the car is still in the dealership getting an aeromotions R2 installed while getting a complete checkup. ive decided on trying that water wetter first and hope that helps. if that does not work ill get the m24 and if that still doesnt make me last then ill try meth as a last resort.

Not so sure how meth will be like on this car as my last car with meth was an HPF stage 3 m3. and if you had meth on you better be fully throttling it or the car acts a little funny if u gas half way and let go.

Thank you all for your input on this. but this thread got too off topic for me

Too bad this thread-jacked...interesting info in here

I track in Sepang and I can say that if your car is supercharged, you will need larger radiators and oil coolers. M24s will not need something bigger.

The only cars that can run continuously in Sepang are the stock M3s and even that, prob not more than 4 laps consecutively. My car will overheat in 1.5 laps and I have the M24 radiators and oil coolers. If I want to track, I will need additional radiators

BTW, how much better is engine ice from water wetter?