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No mount front plate mounting mod

We're required to have front plates here in Vancouver but I didn't like how the stock front mount looks. It's just too bulky. I also prefer the centered look compared to the off center tow hook mounted plates.

So I decided to take off the stock mount to see what I could do. Luckily the dealer used short screws to mount the actual plate leaving only 2 holes in the bumper. Lots of dirt and grime gets trapped behind that stock mount.

I bought this plastic license plate holder from my local Canadian Tire. Drilled 2 holes to line up with the holes in the bumper.

I reused the same mounting screws from the stock mount. Picked up a few rubber faucet washers from Home Depot to use as standoffs.

Ended up with 2 washers on each side to leave a big enough gap to clear the bumper.

Plate mounted with frame (old frame from previous car, need a new one). Looks a lot cleaner.

From the side. You can see the gap. Let's me clean behind the plate.

Anyone need a stock front plate mount in Jerez Black?