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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
I don't think what you looking for exists. Anything that is loud inside will surely be loud outside. Like I said, most people want something quiet inside and loud outside but you seem to want the complete opposite. The ACM mod will be loud both inside and out.

Maybe a louder intake would suit your needs better?

I completely understand and agree but I do need more noise in the cabin. So I guess realistically I'm trying to find something that will provide additional noise in the cabin without being obnoxious outside and that will attract as little attention as possible. I honestly care more about the inside noise than outside noise so if need be I will be ok with a LOT of noise outside if it provides me with what I'm looking for in the cabin. Optimally I'm hoping to find something that just won't be obnoxious outside.

As for the louder intake, I honestly don't know whether that would do it, only because I have never modified a car before. I'm absolutely open to any thoughts or suggestions - thanks!