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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
I have Ess 575kit, fabspeed hfc and xpipe, so I should be around 600bhp. Car is manual, tires are 285 conti 5p's. The track is very crappy (bitburg germany), and most people run .4-.6 slower than on a good track.... I dunno what's going on, why i'm I so slow? This is my first time with M3 to a drag strip, and it certainly takes getting used to launching it, but 13.1 at 110(2.3 60ft)????!!!!! Even if I spin, shouldn't I trap a lot higher??? I was running mix of euro 98 and 102 (like 94/95 US). My buddy in stock C5 Z06 ran the same.

My biggest problem was getting the car not to spin so much... 1st was spinning past 5k rpm (launched at 2.5rpm), second somewhat hooked, and then all shifts like a clock.

ran 13.4 at 109, 13.3 at 109 and 13.1 at 110(about 2.3-2.4 60ft)... I expected the trap to be at least 120mph...

Is this normal? what am I missing?
What was the density altitude? Also, does the track run uphill? Could just be a terrible track. There are many bad tracks including one here in SoCal called CalSpeedway. Runs uphill against the wind and usually very hot temps with DA's 5,000 ft +.

But yes in a good environment with low DA's your car should be in the 120+ trap range. Why don't you either go to another track or put your car on a dyno?
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