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Originally Posted by NoM3ForMe View Post
Just wait until after break-in...

I borrowed one that was broken-in this past Monday - after never having driven one past that point - and, HOLY SHIT, what a difference 3k RPM makes!!!
HOLY SHIT is right!!!

After I had my break-in service, I gradually worked up the courage to run it hard in 1st to redline. I spontaneously screamed out HOLY SHIT to myself (was driving by myself) when the needle rocketed up to the redline once past 6k. Plus the explosive noise that's going on, it's INTENSE!

I swear, we need a shift light on the 6MT too!!! It should be a HUD style shift light so I can keep my eyes on the road while smashing it to that rev!

I have had numerous DOHC VTEC cars from Honda including AP2, NONE of them comes even close to this kind of high and hard revving explosiveness of this S65... no wonder it is world engine winner of its class every single year in its production run!