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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Looks like a replica and even if it was authentic, $2500 is WAY to much for a piece like this from Amuse. I had parts from Amuse 10 years ago on my S2000 and NSX and they were not this much, even back then. I wouldn't pay over $1200 new for an authentic Amuse trunk. Just not worth it today in 2012.

Sorry you got jipped.
Honda are totally in a different league .... i have an S2000 and i had ASM and Mugen parts which cost more than the amuse...

In BMW totally different... everything are just way more just cause its BMW...

I have the Ericsson Trunk for my E92 M3 and its well worth it..

Although i agree paying 2500 is crazy but it wont be right if we are just like you...

you gotta pay to play

well back to the topic.. i really just hope that modsbargain did not send him the replica and sold it for 2500