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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
The sound you are looking for is the opposite of what most people want. Most want something more tame in the low rpm range but screaming when you step on it.

But like the poster said above, I recommend the traditional oem mod (replacing 2 perforated pipes). It will give you a noticeable increase in sound but still retain stock characteristics when cruising on the highway. I have this and love it.

Thanks for your thoughts - I appreciate it. Based on my HOURS of reading threads, I'm thinking the amount of sound I'm looking for in the cabin might be better suited to the straight-through (ACM) method, as I don't want to sound to come up short. After hearing the MPE in a drive in someone's car this week I am definitely concerned about not having enough noise in the cabin.

The best I can describe what I am looking for is a similar amount of cabin noise (with the windows up) compared to an E46 M3 Convertible or an E60 M6 Convertible. Both have much higher levels of sound in the cabin stock compared to the E93 due to the soft top. I owned 3 E46 M3 Convertibles and I felt much more connected to the car and much more involvement with driving at lower RPMs due to the sound in the cabin so that's what I'm hoping to get back, possibly with the ACM OEM Exhaust Mod. I have never modified an exhaust before so I'm trying not to get something too loud on the outside, as I honestly don't want to attract attention. I just want to hear the car all of the time while I'm driving it!

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