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Ok, what I figured out, sorry if this has been posted already, didn't want to re-read all the pages:
if you have a 32gb thumb drive, make three folders: disk1,disk2,disk3 and copy the contents of the iso there.

from dos:
cd to the usb drive:
move disk1/config.nfm
move disk1/pkgdb

this should quickly move the content of the folder to the root
when done with disk one, move them back

move config.nfm disk1\
move pkgdb disk1\

cd root of usb drive
move disk2/config.nfm
move disk2/pkgdb

rinse and repeat. I am not sure why but them mac seems to copy the files rather than just update the fat pointers as dos window or explorer does under windows.

Anyway, this will let you stage all the disks and it takes about 2 minutes to prep for the next one ... disk3 is waiting....