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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
not a dumb question, I couldn't figure it out myself either as it didn't make sense the way it's stated. So I went to a dealership, I found a M3 with the trim, touched it, and it was leather as everyone said. Interesting CF weave pattern on it.

It's by far the best trim for the M3, with the aluminum trim coming in a close 2nd. It beats the cheap plastic CF trim found in cheaper models, and looks cooler than real CF.
I personally think different trims look better with different interiors. I have Black extended leather and went with aluminum for the contrast as well as the fact that other trim bits in the car are silver/aluminum in color. I think the combination of Silver leather, and Carbon leather trim or real CF trim looks spectacular also. I don't think black interior with carbon leather trim looks very good. Not bad, but one can do better.
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