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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Good job voting no on the latest jobs bill for vets, GOP. Way to go senate republicans.
Huff-po headline caught your eye?

There are already 47 different job training programs running at $18billion dollars a year (link from GAO) in the Federal government with no transparency on the efficacy on most of them. So I guess another $1billion dollars planting trees and saving the 3-legged spotted turtle in the Conservation Corps is called Jobs now..

If you want a real example of a working job program for Veterans.. take a look at one that actually has results: 100,000 Jobs Mission

18,249 Veterans Hired As of June 30, 2012
I'm proud my company takes part in this initiative and I'm proud to have hired 4 people directly through this program. You should learn to lose that talking point and stop thinking more money to government solves all problems.
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