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--Update only 1 spot open as of 21 Oct in the intensive drivers clinic.

Having "grown up" with the BMW CCA family in the states I noticed there is a need for a club that is less exclusionary and offers more for its members.

The main problems I have with the existing clubs are:

1. There isn't something local for Bavaria which is sad because its the B in BMW.

2. There isn't something for all BMW fanatics. M cars are great, but I want something for all car people to be able to participate in. Even BMW CCA doesn't require you to own a BMW to join. I want a club that is open to everyone. However since BMW's are so great I would just ask members to have an open mind to them.

3. There aren't any events that provide driver training. We all have some very capable cars, but they can be dangerous without training. I know of several incidents in the past year and all were probably easily avoidable with some training.

We held a test slalom last weekend and it worked out quite well.

Our first official event will be on Sunday October 28.

I have 8 available slots for a very special kick off event. It will be at the airport in Bayreuth. We have the entire runway set up for driver training. I will be coaching each driver personally. The events we have planned will include a drag race, wet skid pad, and car control slalom. All of these things are on a closed runway with flat field and cars are ran one at a time. Please PM me for details.

I hope many of you sign up and please pass this thread along to any car nut in bavaria. Like I said, its open to anyone.

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