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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
I have spoken with the shop owner and he does it for 250 euro. He also stated it was fast and that I wouldn't even need to leave the shop. He also repaints it black after finishing the welding and gutting. A user on here named karussell knows more about it. I will get him to chime in on the thread for more information.
Yes, Christian runs a very good shop in Weiden. Called Unlimited Auto. He is a young auto meister and his passion is really BMW's. He has built several 700+ hp cars for clients and all of his work is top notch.

I arranged for pricing for the following services.

60 per wheel repaint. any color. I had red forgelines painted BMW color Sterling Grey. The work is guaranteed for one year.

90 per wheel repair and repaint. No matter the curb rash, he can fix it like new and repaint either oem color or new color.

250 muffler mod. He opens your oem muffler, removes the sound deadening gauze and replaces the perforated pipes with straight pipes. The sound is very nice especially for the cost. He can also paint the can and tips flat black with high temperature paint to make it look cleaner instead of having the sag on the bottom.

I had him make custom x pipe with resonators. removed secondary cats, added 200 cel primary race cats (that match oem size and fit so no scraping or rattling). This still causes CEL, but you want a remote tune anyways that will remove it.

PM me for specifics if you want to go this route. the engine is much more responsive after this change and its easily a 45+hp gain with the tune.
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