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I've owned a new 335d E92 back in 2007-2010,it was a Euro spec and 286HP standard. It was a quick car. With a tune it was approx 345-350HP and I kept up with E92 M3's and beat E46 M3's..

I now own an E46 M3, turns out the M3 (E46) is just as fast as a tuned 335d when driven properly. Half of M3 drivers E46 & E92 are not maximising the cars performance (even in a straight line), it's a high revving N/A motor that always needs that's extra gear dropped. 55mph on the highway in 6th needs dropping, not 5th, not 4th, hell not even 3rd but 2nd for MAXIMUM ATTACK. If you do not do this the the 335d will win, it has massive accessible performance because of all the torque.

Both great cars, but the M3 is on another level for driver focus and involvement. The ///M diff is sublime.
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