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Question For E93 Owners With ACM OEM Exhaust Mod

I was wondering whether anyone has an E93 with the ACM OEM Exhaust Mod? I have been researching exhausts (for MANY hours), as I recently got an E93 (traded up from an E46 M3 Convertible) and I find that the car is just too quiet with the windows and roof up driving around town at under 3,500 RPMs. Anything over 3,500 RPMs, windows down, or roof down sounds great. Clearly the hardtop roof + sound deadening materials really insulate our cars and I miss the sound I used to hear with my old soft top so I'm trying to get some more noise back into the cabin at under 3,500 RPMs.

I recently drove in a car with the M Performance Exhaust and it really didn't add any cabin noise below 3,500 RPMs, so it's definitely not a good fit for me.

One board member recently suggested I look into the ACM OEM Exhaust Mod, so I'm curious to hear if other E93 owners who have it think it is a good solution for more cabin noise under 3,500 RPMs? It's worth noting that I have never modified a car before so I'm not looking for something that is crazy loud, as I don't want to attract too much attention. I just want more noise so I can feel more involved every time that I drive, even at low RPMs.

Thanks in advance for everyone's feedback/help,