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I decided to drop by EAS in order to get European MDM on my car. Standard MDM is too intrusive IMO, so I always run TC off at the track. However, a close call with the wall in the Nascar bank at 150 mph at Autoclub Speedway made me want to use TC at least on this one track, but I wanted something slightly more liberal than US MDM.

Tom completed the European MDM work for me in just minutes, and also completed a bunch of other small stuff for me quickly too. I think he was done in like, 5-10 minutes. Price was great too. Just wanted to give a shout out to EAS and say thanks as always for helping me out, despite me being a difficult guy to schedule in.

Stuff I got done:

-European MDM

-Remove Obnoxiously Immediate Seabelt BONGBONGBONG

-Close Windows with Key

-Fold Mirrors With Key

-Close Windows With Comfort Access

-Fold Mirrors With Comfort Access

-Disable Window Roll Up Stop When Door Is Open Thingymabobber

-Disable iDrive Message Of Death Destruction And Doom On Start-Up

-Remove Speed Correction Factor

-Amber Corner Light No Longer Always On And In Your Face

-Fuel Reserve Warning Moved from 1/4 To 1/8 Fuel Left

-Wipers Don't Stop In the Middle Of Nowhere When You Turn Off Car

-Navigation Has Gas Station Suggestions

Guess you guys might be staying late again if I get those other wheels from you guys. Eeek.

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