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You see, it's the principle of the whole thing...
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HUGE thanks to the guys at EAS today. I LOVE my pulley! You guys should post up my EPIC HP gain from the pulley!

As a mini review, I IMMEDIATLY felt a difference on the way home today.

1.) acceloration is MUCH faster. My car screams! I can honestly feel it. I love it!!!
2.) DCT downshifts dont jerk me forward as much as they did before. It seems smoother to get the RPMs up without my engine braking me forward right after I downshift.
3.) Maybe its me, but I swear what little highway drone I had prior to this mod is MUCH less than what it was before.

Im very pleased with this purchase! Best bang for the buck mod ever! Thank you to all the guys at EAS. You are all great!

You guys should post up my world record HP gain dyno print out! Unless Im reading it wrong, I saw a 16.99HP INCREASE!