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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
I can't believe all the fanboi crap I am reading. The RS5 is a spectacular car. As is the RS4, the C63, the IS-F, the CTS-V. All these, and, of course, the M3 are all great cars. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

With reference to the RS5, is has a torquier and more powerful motor with the same high-revving feeling as the M3. The stock exhaust sound is much nicer, and it's grip will destroy an M3. Even on wet roads, I could drive my previous RS4 hard without any worries about traction. The M3 has FAR better steering and agility. The car is lighter and will feel more composed. The ride/handling balance in the M3 is absolute perfection. The M3 can be much more entertaining when you learn how to properly play with it.

There is no question that the M3 has won the vast majority of showdowns against the RS5, but seriously, the RS5 is far from being a piece of crap.
Well said.