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similar thing happened to me last year. got a ticket for 77 in a 45 zone (32 mph over the limit). I had a clean driving record (as far as the prosecutor could find, anyway), and I had a good attorney. in any case, here's what happened with my ticket

1. amended it to 29mph
2. fine was reduced from something like $350 down to $130
3. judge allowed me to get "supervision," which for the small cost of $50 or something, has them wipe the ticket from your record so long as you don't get another moving violation within 1-year

I just looked at my receipt, and all in all, I ended up paying the courts $215 and my attorney $200. not a bad deal considering the ticket was only slightly less than that and I ended up having the ticket wiped from my record. be sure to get an attorney. it's a totally f'd up judicial situation, but it will work in your favor. basically what will happen is you will meet your attorney in court, he will meet with the prosecutor before the session starts and strike a deal, then the court will go in session and you, your attorney and the prosecutor will present the plea-bargain deal before the judge. best of luck.