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Mobility kit success story!

I was driving to a place about an hour away. Halfway there, TPMS says low pressure in a tire. So I pull over on the highway and check, yup, pressure is 23psi and I can hear a slow leak. So I get out the M Mobility Kit, thinking it'll be a snap but... nah. I had to read the directions a couple times to ensure I did everything properly, and connecting all the hoses properly+tightly enough was annoying.
But I got it done while following the instructions in my manual to a T. And the tire pressure stayed the same my entire 30+minute trip home, while adhering to the 50mph max speed. Tomorrow I'm going to get the flat repaired and it all looks good.

I just did a search on this forum for info on the M mobility kit and found a lot of complaints so I wanted to let people know that as long as you have a normal, non-huge leak, it definitely works just fine.

However, I have a few questions: I definitely need to replace the tire sealant, correct? And get my tire fixed at a tire place.....
But the air compressor that plugs into the car--that never needs to be replaced, right? Just the sealant bottle.

In my searches on here I saw Stop N' Go
mentioned; should I be buying something from them instead of replacing my tire sealant? What product of theirs is best to temp-fix a leak: given that I have the M Mobility air compressor already, but now no sealant?

Thanks, and I think BMW's system is just fine, sooooo much better than dealing with runflats all year round and more convenient+lighter than a space-saver spare.
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