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The customer rep has contacted me and advised that they are working to fix the trunk issue. He states:

"It looks like the trunk that was shipped to you was a B stock Amuse trunk that our supplier thought was a new one. I have been in contact with our supplier to have this handled immediately for you. From what I am hearing from multiple suppliers is that the Ericsson Amuse trunk is a made to order item that comes from Japan. There are no more in the US and one will have to be made for you. This process will take about 8-10 weeks if you would like the true Ericsson Amuse Trunk."

Not sure how this all just came to light as that information of a special order and delayed shipping is on their website, nor how such a different product is shipped in lieu of the genuine article, but at least they are saying they will replace it now... Fun times

Where have others purchased their Amuse trunks from??