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Originally Posted by Saigon
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I refuse to upgrade it on my 4s. Once google makes a separate app for the maps that I can download, then I will. My google maps is that important.
Have you tried Waze? Great GPS app! Even better then the Maps APP on the i0S5.
It's not even that. I actually love the fact that I can punch in a name of business or a type and it will give me everything in my near surroundings. I specifically read review ok the apple maps in the iOS 6 and turns out its pretty shitty compared to the google maps. The beat way to put it is what I got from the reviews is that it's a polished turd.

I never use my phone as an actually navigation. I search an address and follow the directions. No need for a turn by turn navi since I don't put it on my windshield or such.