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Originally Posted by zenderm3 View Post
Dave, what life expectancy does the car have with a supercharger? Also, are you doing the supercharging down in southernbm?
The engine life is going to depend on the quality of the equipment and the sensibility of the driver, and the condition of the engine, so adding a quality well fitted supercharger if driven within reason should make little difference. Having said that any modification to the car can always have some effect.
There are some M3's around the 2008 era where there may be bearing and oil pump problems. The major supercharger manufacturers will all say that a Supercharger is well within the ability and capacity of the M3, there are plenty of videos around that support this statement. Also responsible vendors like Southern BM, down in Victoria, would not fit Superchargers if there were any issues

The superchargers that MFKN3 and I are fitting are the latest release Gintani Superchargers which I'll be checking out at Gintani in USA next week when I visit the factory

Fitting and engine remapping will be done by Michael Weber Prestige & Performance in Brisbane, anyone who knows Mike knows how good he is, and this is right up his alley. We will also be having the necessary inspection for mod plates done to comply with Qld Transport requirements to ensure insurance will will not be void.
This is a setup for Queensland based owners (or anyone who is prepared to bring their car here - or who wants the latest Gintani Supercharger) as it is essential to have the modification plate inspection and certification

I'll be doing an extensive review of the Gintani Superchargers (when I finalize being a forum sponsor) and we will be putting them through their paces on the track later this year.
There will be always up to date info on my Facebook page (link below)



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