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Originally Posted by E90ice View Post
I disagree. A FI engine will always have much more tuning potential.

Any NA engine can be modded with FI, but that is usually very expensive.

Can you get 80-90 whp from the 350z WITHOUT FI? I don't think so....
You can get 80-90 RWHP from the 350z without FI...... Look below....372RWHP naturally aspirated spanking Ferrari 430 Scuderia's, modded Nissan GT-R's, Porsches. Lap record holder at CSCS. I highly doubt ANY 335i can hang with Kelsey on the track. Show me any 335s that you think can keep up on the track

PS owner claims his car is approx 4 seconds slower than GT cars as is. If he goes FI and push even more HP, there is no way a 335i can keep up on the track.

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