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Originally Posted by ATS View Post
Concept looks pretty good, but by the time the production version comes out it will be just another dull Lexus (LFA not included of course).
True that's some Lexus have been pretty dull with the obvious exception of their supercar and maybe the IS-F (up for debate), in terms of looks and driving characteristics.

One of the main problem has been over time Lexus haven't redefine what a Lexus is, it's ethos.

In terms of design, I think Lexus has hit something with that new spindle grill they have and they should apply some of that L-Finesse more actively in some of their products like the IS. That is the best platform that can take a chance on a more controversial design language. If Lexus applies the characteristics of the LF-CC concept into the IS line even though it will be toned down, they will have a winner.

In terms of driving characteristics, although the bechmark it seems of driving has been BMW. Lexus has to make cars exciting while remaining true to it's ethos (whatever or however they define it), don't make a Lexus drive like a BMW, make it drive like a lexus that's exciting while remaining true to it's ideology. I think that's what plague some car companies. Easier to say, but once they have defined what their ethos is and APPLY it. Lexus will take it's image to the next level.

I think the new GS is a decent looking car that can perform well. That's a start, and need to continue with the next IS line and whatever they have next in the pipeline.