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Yes the manifold popped off before the event started - it's because silly me lubricated the boots so that the manifold slips on easily. Well the silicone grease also helps it slip off DOH! Lubrication was not called for in the install instructions - it's just stupid silliness. But it sucked to have it pop off just before the start of the event...

Oh yes I will be back next year. I'm not sure what car I'll be driving though. I'm targeting those GTR's and the podium... there's lots of HP and skill running at the top. It's going to be a challenge.

By the way - nobody told me to come reply here... I just stumbled upon this thread. All I am is a driver/engineer/hobbyist and thought I'd chime in with facts that I know to be fair

If you want, set me up with a blower for 2013 and then I'll really be qualified to speak comparison points between two kits - not many people (including AA and ESS) can probably say that. The brutal truth is 99% of people are "armchair commandos" giving their expert opinion on things when the only people who are truly qualified are those who have experienced first hand both. I'll be glad to remove the ESS kit and run yours and provide truly objective results (quantitative not qualitative observations). I am a member of atlanta motorsports park and I have close to 500 laps there all recorded with traqmate. It will be easy to do a back to back comparison, then run one lap next year
Nice stuff. Very professional.