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Originally Posted by mhaghighi View Post
i see the email filter and all the icons for email count but no email comes even with the email checked off. is there a problems with emails still? thank you
Text is all that was working yesterday, and you've hit the "tah-dah!" success bell!

And then...driving around today, I noticed that I e-mail show up in iDrive. Yes, it was a genuine e-mail, not a text message. I did the voice-play back thing, and it worked.

But I didn't get the audible "ding" of an incoming e-mail, and then I went back (as someone suggested) and un-checked "Audio" from the iDrive bluetooth configuration. Then an hour later, I got another e-mail, but it did NOT appear on iDrive. Uh...oh. So...maybe that wrecked it, or perhaps getting e-mail in the first place was a slip-up in the system. Don't know, but having put all of the configuration back to where it was this morning, I am again NOT receiving e-mails. Strange....

(I've never used so many emoticons before on the same posting, LOL.)

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