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I am the owner and driver of the 2011 e90 with the ESS-vt2-625 that competed in 2012 one lap. I don't have a fight in here - that is not my intention. I am here just to mention some facts that I know is 100% true and then you guys can hash it out and everyone else can make their own conclusions.

1. Yes in 2011 my e90 was completely stock, so the AA equipped car beating us really wasn't a big deal. SC vs NA - SC wins.

2. OLOA (one lap of america) 2012 was different because I had just installed the ESS kit to be more competitive. And yes, I did run out of gas on the LAST track event on the FINAL lap TWO TURNS before the finish line... how embarassing... Road america was a 4 mile track - we thought we'd make it with half a tank of gas. wrong... so we paid the price.

3. Just before we ran out of gas, we had a clear win in view... we were headed for 8th overall and 1st in class (lots of points ahead of the AA car). Then the unthinkable happened - no gas.... After that we ended up 12th overall (which is still not bad) and 2nd in class. (The AA car took first)

4. I know in 2011 the AA car was running meth... I do not know if they were running meth in 2012, but I'd assume so. My car was just a simple vt2-625... We didn't want to complicate things or have to keep pouring meth into a tank in the truck.

5. One more thing to note..... there was a 1/4 event at brainerd... this is where the SC cars really shine.... here are the results

Our car did a 12.153 and was 7th overall (among lots of highly modified GTR's, vettes, and p cars)
The AA car did a 12.912 (20th overall)


Any questions, I'm here to help... but I'm only qualified to answer questions about my car. If I had experienced the AA kit as well then I'd be qualified to answer both and compare etc... just questions about my car