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Originally Posted by DivideBYZero View Post
I had the mat in my E46, and just got the e92 mat in my, well, e92. It's a good fit and easily as good as the e46 style. In fact I really like the higher sides for spill control, but there are cutting guides on it should you want to use the full width of the trunk.

One thing I do like better is the material is grippy, almost sticky, so stuff stays put, especially as I also have the luggage net in there to keep stuff from becoming a physics lesson while I drive in a spirited manner...
I'm a bit confused now. When you refer to cutting guides, are you referring to the e92 mat or e46 mat? My preference is to find a mat that runs the full width of the trunk (if that even exists). I've seen the e92 mat and it sits in the middle section of the trunk, in between the higher sides. I think, because the carpet is gray in the trunk, and the mat is black, it looks a bit off to me.