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Originally Posted by Stronie View Post
So you CAN do a KW Sleeve kit with EDC?

By the way, Perfectly done drop and wheel combo, Great Job.
Thanks! The answer is yes. The idea behind the kit is that you remove the stock springs, perches, and a few other ancillary parts and replace with a new "sleeve" that goes over the stock shock with new springs. The sleeve is threaded like a bolt and nut, so you can adjust the height by changing how high or low the spring sits. You keep the stock shock, so you are able to retain the EDC function. KW, Ground Control, and TC Kline all make kits that retain EDC function. The KW is the most basic and was super easy to install.

Originally Posted by Bubajay View Post
Just curious, you can still use the factory "EDC" settings correct? I heard with coilovers and other you cannot, but maybe I am just misinformed. Also, how is the ride with the new sleeve kit? It looks absolutely gorgeous though, no doubt about it, and the Klassen M52s look beautiful. The whole setup...omg...
See above. With a full coilover (replacement of entire shock and spring assembly) you will lose EDC function. You then have to trick the car's computer into thinking you still have the stock shocks. KW make an EDC delete module that allows you to eliminate an error code. For pure performance or if you want to go really low, this is what you need to do. I just wanted to lower the car a bit, so I chose the sleeve kit. I chose KW because the TC Kline was about $600 more than KW. TC allows you to select your springs rates and comes with new upper mounts and camber plates. I didn't need all of the customization and adjust ability, so TC was out. I didn't want to do GC because I've had GC on some of my other cars, and they made all kinds of crunching and crackling sounds that I didn't want to hear. I've read the E9X kits are no different.

Originally Posted by E30_80Y View Post
Looks stunning! by the way, did you buy a new lip after that track day horror? or did you pick it up and got it fixed?
I was able to take the lip off before it blew off the car. The guys from Challenge called me personally and gave me some tips on how to install it differently. It's been fine since!