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Originally Posted by WSYF10M5 View Post
Looks Perfect! How is the ride comfort/quality of the sleeve kit? Were you on stock suspension prior to this? How does it compare? thanks!
The ride feel pretty much the same. The KW kit uses a Progressive Spring. That basically means the harder the suspension is compressed the more the shock will be required to absorb. If you hit a small bump, it should feel much like stock. If you hit something large, the shock is going to absorb more of the impact. I believe the stock springs are progressive. More comfortable. I think the Ground Control and TC Kline use linear springs. These would have an equal, more predictable impact on all bumps. Although this could be a little less comfortable.

Originally Posted by bbs_lm View Post
wow, looks amazing..
17lbs is pretty light...
That's 17lbs. in total. The rear are 23lbs and fronts are 21lbs.

Originally Posted by Rakus View Post
I was thinking of the KW sleeve kit as well. I have same color exterior with black interior with 19" GTS wheels black OEM.
With KW Sleeve kit would I be able to have the fenders sit right on top of tire look versus the rear tire tucked??Which I'm not a fan of also. Also how is the ride maintaining with EDC?
You would be able to set sleeve kit above stock height all the way to where I have it. So the answer is yes. You just can't get super low.
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