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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS View Post
Andrew I do not need to bully anyone, our products do the bullying

I never said you did not win any of the events you claim you won im just correcting the false information you keep posting on these forums. You posted you placed higher than an ESS supercharged car in 2011 and that was false You said you placed higher than an ESS car in 2012 which is correct but it ran out of gas during one of its road course events which lowered it's overall standing quite a bit im told. You dont think that is something you should mention when comparing overall standings? maybe your car / driver still would have beaten him who knows but your lack of attention to the truth and full disclosure is shocking for a company rep. You call a customers car with high dyno numbers who has posted many videos of him racing and beating other very fast cars a "dyno queen" yet you post dyno graphs from a stage 3 car you built with no video of how it performs vs other high hp cars? In fact you have never posted any video of your kits beating any high hp cars ever

Im sorry but you really need to think about the things you want to post before you post them... or on second thought keep doing what your doing, I dont really care it's your reputation.
Thanks for clearing things out !