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Talking Need Sum Advice!

Hey guys & girls, i'm looking for you to help me out with my decision on what color i should get my 2013 M! My last car was Lemans Blu and now It's a toss up between these two color combos

Opt 1. Space Grey with Fox Red interior
(The only thing that i'm not that crazy about this is that the red isn't really a true red its look more of a rust/orangie-brown tone to it
Opt 2. Silverstone with Palladium blk/silver
(This to me looks like a great combo for the silverstone metallic, but i don't know if its too much with all the two tone?)??

So this is where i need you guys on e90post to help me decide between these two opts. and which one looks better!!! I know it does come down to personal preference but i appreciate any and all advice as i look forward to joining the M community in the next week!