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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
did you cycle the pump turning the wheel back and forth after filled? Sounds like it def got too low and allowed air in the system

edit: see this is an old thread so I'm sure it's figured out
Of course (cycle it).

The dealer did the fluid flush & re-fill, but as expected, couldn't figure out what exactly was causing that noise despite extensive inspection and a 30 minute drive around the next day with SA & mechanic.

Went to a track the following day and (as the fluid was topped off & all new) ran the first session (6 laps) without covering the reservoir cap with a rag & zip-tie. I couldn't tell due to the wind noise while on the track, but when I got back into the paddock, holy sh*t, the noise was there with a vengeance. Every little turn on the steering wheel was accompanied by that whining noise.

Opened the hood and, sure enough, the fluid had splashed everywhere in the engine bay and, when the reservoir cap was opened, the fluid was barely visible at the bottom neck of the reservoir. I had bought a can of 11S fluid, so (after the car cooled down some) topped it off, zip-tied a rag around the reservoir cap.

Went out & finished the next session, came in & drove around the paddock and the noise was gone.

Had 10 more track days since then, and the noise hasn't come back. But, at Streets of Willow, after drifting thru the skidpad area (i.e. screwing around with the steering wheel) on every lap, I lost power steering. But, it came back after an hour of cool down. This car in track application needs larger cooler for it...