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Originally Posted by M3 Esq. View Post
It's hard to comment without knowing the final selling price and the interest rate. BMWFS is offering 3.79 right now. Is that what you are getting?

I agree I am not crazy about owing $27K after five years of payments but the monthly payment is low. Since you are a small business owner wouldn't it make more sense to lease? Can't you deduct some of the expenses through the business?
The offer is at 3.79%

I can't lease the vehicle through my business for a few reasons that would bore everyone.

Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
Seems like a terrible deal. You would be paying about $84k for that car.

No offense, but you seem a little naive if you need to ask your accountant how car financing works and dont want to haggle for a better price (likely saving thousands of $).
I realize that I seem naive, although I understand how car financing works I was still trying to get my head around the BMW Select program as it was just introduced to me.

I should have been more clear with my initial post, I am not planning to pay MSRP on the car, I'm just making sure the numbers are lining up on the BMW Select program, beyond the overall purchase price.