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For those of you in your 20's,30's...losing fat is a breeze. You can get on and off a regimen and get right back on track unless your Testosterone is falling off for some reason.

I'll be 50 in Nov. and up til last Easter I had been off a regimen for about 7 years due to my fiance' getting killed. I just dropped ALL good habits.

Stopped may Martial arts,running,eating right,sleeping right,drinking went way up etc. Never ate dinner til near midnight. Awful shit.

I'm 6'1" and my fighting weight is 225lbs. I weighed about 265lb. Then fell and broke my radial elbow,fractured wrist and elbow joint compacted. 3 into the break I got off the meds and began range of motion steps. The pain made me angry and before I knew it I was in the gym doing everything I could to get strong again.

While I still can't fully straighten the arm....I'm down to 210lbs and feel great.

Diet was>
1)-No fast food ever !
2)-Chicken,fish,fruit,greens. Mainly in the form of salads.
3)-Nothing after 8 pm.
4)-24oz of water at rise,24oz before sleep.
5)-Bottle of water in hand all day-consumed 3-6.

1)-Squats til fail.
2)-Freeweights and cables til fail.
3)-Martial arts style free-weight control-Very slow movements for long counts.
4)-Light cardio.

Everyone tells me I look better than most 22 year olds but I know they're just being nice.

I'll post a pic when I get the nerve,lol.