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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Hey persian54,

You may never take the n54 Z back to the track, but I think you need just a couple tweaks and you will have a totally different perspective. I've seen your posts and I see we track at the same places....but never at the same events. Hopefully someday we can meet up.

I have a 2010 n54 e92 335i and a 2013 e92 M3. My n54 335i is equipped with meth injection and i'm able to run up to 19psi in the middle of summer at Willow, for example. Meth injection at a 50/50 mix is fantastic in keeping oil temps in check, particulaly in very hot conditions.

As an example, with just a DCI, catlezz dps, Procede and meth, on the back straight my car hauled down 600 and 700 HP cars at my last track session in June (one car was a heavily modded M6 and the other a tuned biturbo 63). My oil temps never hit 250. Top end pull is crazy. In fact I raced an ESS VT1 Supercharged M3 later in the day on the back-straight roll on and it was very close and in fact the M3 gained the early lead but I was pulling in the triple digits.

In addition to the four bolt on engine mods, I also have coils, LSD and Michelin Pilot SS tires. That's it.

I haven't experienced the M at the track yet but my guess is that my 335i with just these seven mods is more capable at a fast track like Big Willow. Sure the M3 is more precise, and the 335 is a white-knuckle experience in some corners but it has tons of grip and is a rocket at any speed and at any RPM. Now, mod the M3 and it will of course easily take the 335 at the track but that's expected.

Anyway if you have the budget for these mods, don't give up on your Z. It will surprise you.

I come from a FBO 335i, I know how N54s can run

But my Z4 will stay stock. It's a short term lease that will be finish in under a year.

I was mainly comparing stock to stock, as my S65 was never really modded in terms of cooling at all.

You should track the m3, the S65 will make you forget about all the power in the n54.

I've had 135s pass me on straights, but after the 2nd corner I'm on their rear. I can't keep up with N54s on straights for the life of me (FBO ones), but they can't take corners as well. Then again, I don't know if they had coils/lsd etc like you do.. but they were FBO engine wise.

I am thinking of picking up a set of APEX + RS3s for the Z4 and taking it out during the cooler months (Nov-Feb). We'll see :P
I'm on the look out for a S2k as a dedicated track car now, so we'll see

I plan to take the Z4 to Oct 13th Big Willow if all things plan out. You should come! Would be great to meet you there