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Amuse trunk quality and Poor **********s customer service

About 45 days ago, I bought the Amuse FRP Trunk Lid for my E92 M3 from **********

As a newb, I tried to read as much as possible for the various trunks (Amuse, Vorsteiner, Arkym) that match my style esthetic and reported to have decent fitment.

When the trunk came and was unboxed, I was very disappointed in the quality. There are chips on the upper lip of the trunk (duck bill?) and general quality issues. Considering it cost $2,500, I was pretty pissed off with the product I received.

I sent e-mails to ********** with a Mr. Brandon Y and a Mr. Frank with my concerns regarding the quality (along with pictures) of the trunk. Over two weeks, and multiple e-mails, the gist of their reply is such:
There are lots of quality issues in the mod industry. Buyer beware, sorry so sad.

Now, I'm sorry but unless your website selling expensive products states "NOTICE: DO NOT EXPECT QUALITY OR THE PRODUCT TO COME WITHOUT REQUIRING EXTENSIVE BODY SHOP REPAIRS FOR WHAT IS A NEW PRODUCT! THE QUALITY IS POOR, AND YOU WILL NEED TO FIX IT!", I think the average, reasonable consumer expects a new product to have a certain quality control for what is sold.

I have worked with Bobby at Pyspeed, the folks at IND and Bimmian and have had nothing but GREAT experiences with rapid replies (with Bobby, even late nights on weekends). This experience is already burning me out on mods if manufacturer and resellers message is that they sell crap, know they sell crap, but do not plan to fix it.

Am I being unreasonable to expect a new product to come undamaged and, god forbid, wanting **********s or amuse to replace/fix the deficiencies? Or is it really "buyer beware and $^%& you if it isn't quality"?

Appreciate any feedback, thanks!
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